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Embrace Summer with a Micro-Market: A Refreshing Break Room Upgrade for Memphis, Tennessee, as well as Olive Branch and Southaven Workplaces

With summer almost here, it’s a great time to give your break room a makeover. That way it matches the energy and vibrancy of the season. How can you do this? With a micro-market! Pyramid FoodService is pleased to bring Memphis, Tennessee, as well as Olive Branch and Southaven this new way to redo a traditional break room.

Micro-markets boost employee satisfaction with open designs for lots of different products, like healthy snacks and drinks. Plus, the self-checkout kiosk and cashless payments make them easy and exciting to use. That gets staff attention, from those being interviewed to lifers.

Here’s what else a micro-market can do to bring summer vibes into your break room.

A Micro-Market Runs Around the Clock

There are no restricted snack hours with a micro-market. It’s always open. That way staff can get the snacks, drinks, or food they need no matter the shift. Nights, days, weekends – no matter the time, everyone can get fresh fruit, healthy options, sweet treats, and refreshing beverages. It offers so much more than Memphis vending machines that will be a tasty option for everyone.

Self-Serve Offers Modern Shopping Perks

Memphis, TN Vending Machines | Olive Branch, MS Healthy Eating | Southaven, MS Micro-Market

No lines and no hassle. Our Southaven micro-markets streamline snack shopping. Plus, staff get all sorts of perks. After browsing the immense product selection, they just scan what they want at the kiosk and pay. The touchscreen walks them through the steps, making it fast and easy to get in and out. Using a micro-market account gets them even more sales and promos too. We take care of it all.

Pay With What’s In Your Pocket

At Pyramid FoodService, we want to be inclusive. Both our Mississippi Vending Service and micro-market kiosks take all of today’s payment options. They accept cash, credit cards, debit cards, and mobile wallets. That way all your employees can pay the way they want. Physical or digital currency, our micro-markets have them covered.

A Micro-Market Ups Your Employee Perk Package

By choosing a Memphis micro-market over a food vending machine, you aren’t just providing more options. Instead, you are investing in employee wellbeing. The easy access to desirable snacks and drinks boosts morale. Staff are more satisfied with their workplace and want to stay. Micro-markets make them feel valued and appreciated. Plus, they pair perfectly with our gourmet office coffee services.

Refresh Your Break Room With a Micro-Market

This summer, take your break room to the next level with a micro-market from Pyramid FoodService. Enjoy the open flow, 24-hour access, and self-serve kiosks with flex payments. It’s a great way to focus on employees, healthy eating, and providing an enjoyable workplace experience.

Get a golden office break room with service from Pyramid FoodService. We have everything from Olive Branch micro-markets to Southaven healthy vending services. Reach out today at (901) 743-7431. We’ll help bring the joys of summer into your break room.

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Keep Tennessee Employees Hydrated at Work this Summer

Filtered water is a great way to get hydrated during summer, even if employees work in an office. It’s a delicious drink that helps Tennessee staff meet health goals and boosts well-being. Finally, it’s easy to add to any size break room.

Don’t let the summer heat drain energy and focus. Instead, opt for water filtration to bring out the best in your team.

Staying Hydrated at Work is a Must

Most people are thought to be dehydrated. Signs include headaches, fuzzy thinking, and poor mood. Without enough water to flush the body and aid internal processes, staff can experience poor health. To stay at your best, drink half your body weight in ounces of water.

What Stops People From Drinking Enough Water

If most people need to drink 85 to 100 ounces of water per day, what stops them? Especially Tennessee employees who have access to water fountains and kitchen taps. The truth is there isn’t just one answer. There are three. Here’s why people don’t drink enough water to stay hydrated.

1. It Tastes Bad

The biggest reason many people avoid drinking water is the taste. Chemicals left over from sanitizing the water can give it a metallic or acidic taste. High iron levels, old water pipes, and certain groundwater contaminants can also impact taste. These don’t make the water undrinkable, just less palatable.

Adding a water filtration system to the break room can remove bad flavors. Water is run through a special filter that absorbs chemicals and dissolved particles. The water on the other end tastes pure and clean.

2. It’s Not Convenient

If good-tasting water isn’t in the break room, it’s not convenient enough. Busy staff need easy and delicious drink options on-site. That’s the beauty of a water filtration system. It makes better-tasting water on-demand, hot or cold. Get a perfect fit in your Tennessee break room with a countertop or floor-standing model.

3. It’s Boring

Water is so natural, that we at times consider it boring or tasteless. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Certain water systems let users add carbonation. The sparkling bubbles give the water a sharp fizz that many find more pleasing than plain water.

Want to go the extra mile? Explore a water filtration unit that lets you create a personalized water beverage with bubbles and flavor. Choose from tart fruit flavors to refreshing minty bursts. Add sweetener or keep it natural. These units are a great way to make water a drinking experience.

Tennessee Vending Drinks | Filtered Office Water | Break Room Services

Alternative Ways to Stay Hydrated

Let’s be real. Your staff isn’t going to drink just water all day, every day. There needs to be other, portable ways to stay hydrated in the break room. Our Tennessee beverage vending machines are a great option. Besides bottled water and soft drinks, we stock juices, lemonades, and sparkling waters.

Need more beverage variety to keep staff happy and hydrated? Consider a Tennessee micro market. The cooler space is more open with plenty of room for drinks in glass bottles, extensions of popular drinks, and healthy drink alternatives. Look for iced teas, iced coffee, sports drinks, enhanced water, and kombuchas.

Get Healthy and Hydrated With Filtered Water

Let Pyramid FoodService help you keep a happy and strong staff with water filtration service. Employees will drink more water because it tastes good, is easy to get, and is special. The increase in staff hydration benefits health, improves thinking, and boosts mood. It’s a great way to support your team.

Reach out to Pyramid FoodService for more information about getting a water filtration system. Or learn more about other Tennessee break room services, such as office coffee, to benefit your staff. Call (901) 743-7431 today.