Introducing Pyramid FoodService’s New Online Ordering Platform for Break Rooms in Memphis, Tennessee, as well as Olive Branch and Southaven, Mississippi

Ready for a new level of convenience for all your office coffee and pantry needs? Then let us announce the new Pyramid FoodService online ordering platform. It’s a modern way to shop, order, and receive break room essentials for Tennessee and Mississippi clients. The features and well-designed interface make it easy to use and a great tool. How will it benefit a company like yours? Keep reading to find out the answers.

Online Ordering Made Easy

Pyramid FoodService’s new online ordering makes it simple for Memphis, Tennessee clients to get all their break room needs. Order Memphis office coffee frac packs or single-cup pods with a few clicks. Do you have a cashless pantry? Order items that are running low in a flash.

Not only does being online make ordering easy, but clients can see ALL our products. Yet, there are no huge catalogs or long order forms. Browse items to restock or explore similar, but new options. There are also suggested pairings. These products go well with what’s already ordered.

The online platform includes a shopping cart that makes checkout seamless. It’s a great way to save time and hassle. Plus, it ensures the break room is the employee perk you want it to be for retention and high morale.

Benefits of Online Ordering

There is no faster way to buy Olive Branch, Mississippi break room products than through our online ordering. It is tailored to your tastes. Plus, tracks past buys and scheduling in the “order history” tab. That makes it easy to see when and what was purchased last.

Memphis, TN Vending Service | Olive Branch, MS Break Room Coffee | Southaven, MS Online Ordering

Online, with access to hundreds of items, it’s easy to look for new products, such as healthy alternatives. You’ll find many more options than in the Memphis, Tennessee vending machine. Plus, we have recommendations. That can make it simple to find choices that will be popular in the break room. This keeps the offerings fresh.

Track spending on our online platform, too. And use the budget tool to stay within a certain amount. It’s nearly as easy as having us install a Southaven, Mississippi micro-market.

A Partnership with Supply Wizards

Our online ordering platform is here thanks to Supply Wizards. As our partners, they brought the idea of online ordering to life. They worked endlessly on integration. They brought on board the latest technology. As a result, this platform exceeds the needs of our break room clients.

Get Back Your Time With Online Ordering

Online ordering from Pyramid FoodService has many benefits. It’s an easy way to order office coffee products, restock an Olive Branch office pantry, or buy water filtration supplies. There is access to more products, new ideas, and spending tools. In the end, it is a very convenient way to get break room needs.

Need micro-markets or other break room services? Pyramid FoodService has it all, from office coffee to Mississippi vending service. Contact us today at (901) 743-7431. We look forward to working together.