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10 Can’t-Miss Options for Your Snack Vending Machines in Memphis, Tennessee, as well as Olive Branch and Southaven, Mississippi

When you want a snack vending machine to benefit your staff, variety is vital. It’s important to offer a selection of tempting snacks that cater to different tastes. That way all your employees will see it as the perk it is. Plus, customers will have quick snack options too.

Snack Vending Picks From an Industry Leader

Pyramid FoodService can bring top snack options to your office break room in Memphis, Tennessee; or Olive Branch and Southaven, Mississippi. What kind of treats are we talking about? Keep reading for some of our favorites that are sure to be a hit with your employees and customers.

10 Snack Vending Must-Haves

1. Fritos Chili Cheese

Crunchy corn chips flavored with a zesty blend of chili and cheese, Fritos Chili Cheese is hard to resist. With its bold and savory taste, it’s the perfect snack from the Memphis vending machine. It will hit the spot for anyone craving a salty, flavorful snack.

2. Chesters Hot Fries

These fiery snacks pack a spicy punch. Chesters Hot Fries are ideal for those who enjoy some HEAT in their snacks. The crispy texture and intense spice are sure to wake up your taste buds when you grab these from the Olive Branch snack vending machine.

3. Honey Bun

The honey bun is a classic pastry that’s both sweet and satisfying. A soft, fluffy bun glazed in a sweet honey coating. Thus it’s a perfect treat for any time of day, especially when paired with a delicious coffee from the office coffee brewer.

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4. Chocolate Chip Cookie

A timeless favorite, chocolate chip cookies are loved for their rich, buttery flavor and soft, chewy texture. Grab this treat from the Southaven vending machine when you want to indulge in something sweet.

5. Ruffles Cheddar Sour Cream

The Cheddar Sour Cream flavor of Ruffles is a deliciously savory option for your snack vending machine. The bold flavor of cheddar cheese with the tangy taste of sour cream is the ultimate combo. Plus, it offers a satisfying crunch. It’s great for a stand-alone snack or a side to a sandwich from the Memphis micro-market.

6. Munchies PB Cracker

These snack crackers feature a crispy, salty cracker paired with a creamy peanut butter filling. It’s a no-brainer to get these snack options in your Olive Branch, Mississippi snack vending machine. Munchies PB Crackers offer a great blend of textures and flavors in every bite.

7. Snickers

Packed with peanuts, caramel, nougat, and covered in milk chocolate, Snickers bars are a vending favorite. This satisfying treat offers a balance of sweet and salty flavors. Good thing we make it easy to buy from our Memphis, Tennessee snack vending machines with options like cashless payments. It’s an even faster way to bite into that Snickers bar you crave.

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8. Golden Flake Sweet Heat

Want a unique taste combo? Golden Flake Sweet Heat might be your answer. These unique potato chips pair the sweet taste of honey with a spicy kick. The result is a bold and gratifying flavor with a great crunch.

9. Peanut M&M

These iconic candy-coated chocolates feature a crunchy peanut center covered by chocolate and then a colorful candy shell. Peanut M&Ms are a great treat, offering a protein boost from the nuts and a snackable size, perfect for a healthy snack.

10. Doritos

Known for bold flavors and crunchy textures, Doritos are a snacker’s dream. Plus, they are available in Southaven, Mississippi, vending machines in a variety of flavors. Grab your bag of nacho cheese or cool ranch Doritos for a savory and satisfying treat.

Snack Vending Variety for all Snacking Moods

By adding these 10 can’t-miss snacks to your Mississippi vending service, we keep your staff satisfied. There will be plenty of delicious Memphis snacks from which to choose and fast, easy payments. The sweet, savory, and spicy break room snacks are sure to hit the spot.

Pyramid FoodService does more than just snack vending services. Get office snacks in micro-markets or brew up delicious Tennessee office coffee too. No matter your needs, we have you covered. Call us at (901) 743-7431 today.

Memphis, TN Healthy Micro-Markets | Olive Branch, MS Office Snacks | Southaven, MS Office Break Room

Why Micro-Markets in Memphis, Tennessee, as well as Olive Branch and Southaven, Mississippi Break Rooms are Always a Great Choice

Nationally, micro-markets placed in break rooms are on the rise. And for good reason! Micro-markets are a perk that employees at all levels of your organization will love.

As a leader in Memphis, Olive Branch, and Southaven break rooms, Pyramid FoodService is your stop for great micro-markets. Here are just a few reasons our Tennessee and Mississippi clients opt for our micro-markets in their break areas.

Micro-Markets Offer Fresh Food Onsite

Time is precious. This is especially true during a busy workday. Staff need quick, yet fresh food options in 30 minutes or less. That means eating on-site, which can be tough if you’re trying to get food that will be healthy and sustain your energy. But Pyramid FoodServices knows how to make it happen. We’ve gathered a mix of fresh food options ideal for Memphis, Tennessee workers. When we install a micro-market, we stock it full of fresh options that are great for lunch breaks, night shift meals, and more.

The best part of a micro-market is that there are no cafeteria costs to offering fresh food onsite. And unlike a Memphis, Tennessee food vending machine, micro-markets allow staff to look at labels before buying. As a result, it’s easier to make healthy choices during meals.

Stock Your Employees’ Faves

Micro-markets are unique among office snack solutions because they can be changed to meet your team’s tastes. Picture a break room filled with rows of Coca-Colas and Uncrustables for staff. Next to them are neatly wrapped salads and sandwiches ideal for health-focused workers. There is something for everyone.

Memphis, TN Vending Service | Olive Branch, MS Micro-Markets | Southaven, MS Healthy Choices

Our Olive Branch and Southaven, Mississippi micro-markets change based on your team’s favorites. We bring in more choices and rotate the fresh food items. The key is satisfying everyone during a break, from day shift to weekenders. That includes add-on options like office coffee service and hot tea, too.

Micro-Markets Are Flexible

One size does not fit all. That’s why Pyramid FoodService uses our 75 years of experience to build the ideal micro-market for you. Each Memphis, Tennessee micro-market we install is unique in design. Plus, there’s a range of food options, more than in Olive Branch and Southaven, Mississippi vending machines.

Micro-markets can change with the flow of your business. Service can be ramped up during your busy times so there are more options. Or, we can change the mix of products to fit changes in your staff. This will impress workers and lead to higher employee satisfaction.

Get Micro-Markets That Upgrade Your Space

From the factory floor to the front office, micro-markets beat snack delivery and vending service. There is more variety and ways to tailor the products to your employees. Plus, it helps staff make healthy choices, perfect for supporting well-being in 2024.

Contact Pyramid FoodService to learn more about micro-markets. Or discuss other office break room services, such as vending machines and office coffee. We have options to reshape your Memphis, Tennessee, as well as Olive Branch and Southaven, Mississippi break room for the better. Reach us today at (901) 743-7431 or We can’t wait to hear from you.